Tony (Mercedes SL55 AMG)

In a small part of Birmingham, England, there is something and someone very special. A place called Torque Flow and a gentleman by the name of Immy. I do not write many reviews, although I have been a car nut for 28 years, having owned numerous vehicles from BMW’s to Ferrari’s, to TVR’s to classic Merc’s. But I had to write this review, hoping to give other enthusiasts like myself the faith that there are still professional, experienced, knowledgeable, honest, genuine, helpful and just simply put, superb quality Motor Vehicle garages and people out there.

One of my vehicles is a very special Mercedes SL55 AMG sports car, my pride of joy. Over these many years, my faith of finding such companies and mechanics was totally lost. Not now!! I was never happy with the work that was done to my AMG beast, by a reputable garage nonetheless. I’m no professional but I could tell something was just not right with the exhaust system I had fitted for me. It was a specialist system involving many items and high performance upgrades. I was lost on where to go. I was losing my enjoyment and love for the machine.

Then I met this special person called Immy at Torque Flow. Immy not only put my faith back into this trade but also made me love my car again. Not only that, the most important part is that Immy is one of those people that you don’t find much anymore. You will see for yourself what I mean. The workmanship, the skill, the attention to detail, the knowledge, the advice Immy gave, everything that went into helping me out with giving this beautiful car the right system that was needed, was second to none Put it this way, I travel a round trip of approx. 250 miles to visit Torque Flow and I would do this with all my vehicles and any other car I or a friend / family own, to have my exhaust work done with Immy. Trust me, you will not find better, anywhere, than Torque Flow for exhaust work, no matter how large or small, specialist, standard or bespoke. You just won’t. Immy will apply all these attributes no matter what the work entails.

When I have visited Torque Flow, I have seen customer’s travelling from all parts of the country to get Immy to either carry out a new install or rectify other people’s shoddy work You can visit Torque Flow’s Instagram page just to see what I am talking about. I have never heard another Mercedes Supercharged AMG V8 sound like mine, the system feels like it was designed in a laboratory at Nasa, that’s the only way I can describe it. It’s a work of art! I will be posting more pictures & videos of the AMG beast so you can hear and see Immy’s work.

Big love Greek Tony

Faz (Honda Accord CL7)

Firstly I was pleased that Imran had booked me in on a Sunday of all days when most garages are closed. Tick in my book! I was very impressed with his approach and professionalism when it came to discussing my options and requirements before the big job. My overall experience has been fantastic and in particular Imran’s attention to detail on my Accord was faultless. I witnessed my new system taking shape from start to finish in a good couple of hours whilst having much to discuss as we both have a fair bit in common. Imran takes pride and joy in his work which was clear to see. I would highly recommend TorqueFlow. A* IMO.

P.s Imran when you coming down South geezer! Don’t be a stranger paaji!

Brian (Aston Martin Vantage)

Hey this is Brian you did my Aston Martin the other day, just a quick note to say loving the exhaust had it up on a ramp the other day, I must say its a piece of art & the lads love the sound. So a big thanks really appreciate it and especially at that price.

Red Hot Lowering

Just to say a big thank you to Torqueflow Exhausts for allowing my Range Rover Sport Hst to breathe much more freely. You guys have done a great job, money we’ll spent and the sound is amazing, Who would have thought a RRS would sound like a C63 Amg. Will definitely recommend you. Cheers.

Tony Robbins (BMW 840ci)

“Just to say thanks very much to you both, and Harry, for giving Alex and I such a good day yesterday. It was really good to see the care and attention that Imran put into building the exhaust and to be able to see it taking shape underneath the car. The sound is just how I wanted it – subtle but still able to let the V8 growl when you put your foot down. It wasn’t noticeable when cruising on the motorway, which was just what I wanted,and the note was already slightly deeper by the time that we got back to Southampton. Your friendly and pleasant service was refreshing in this day and age and the ride in the B10 BiTurbo was an added bonus. I am not a huge petrolhead but I have always liked cars and I don’t think that I will ever forget your B10 – it is a truly awesome but at the same time understated machine. I can’t imagine that you will have too much trouble selling it as any serious buyer could not fail to be impressed. Regards”

Richard (BMW 540i)

“Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help yesterday. Imran and Ali were really welcoming, offering me food and drink and taking me through all of the options available. The exhaust itself is beautifully crafted and as for the noise……… I can now hear the great sound of the V8 yet it is still civilised enough so as not to annoy the neighbours, although I fear I may be back for the full system and cats at some point! I wish your company the greatest of success, your attitude, workmanship and value for money are the best I have come across. Many thanks”

Mark Wheeler (BMW 840ci)

“Hi guys, Just thought that I would email you to let you know how pleased I am with my exhaust. The drive home was just great and I could not stop smiling at that wonderful sound. This morning I put on your sticker so everyone can see who made it and last night I posted a thread on pistonheads in the BMW and gassing sections to let everyone know how good you are. Thanks for the video on youtube, I am sure I will show my friends. Once again thanks for everything and the lunch. Regards”

Paul Bristow

“Hi mate, its Paul from Southampton, thought I would give you some feedback on the sweet sounding exhaust that you built! What can I say it sounds awesome!!! Proper sound on acceleration and nice and quite cruising! Had the engine re-mapped today, this has taken her to 320bhp. I have fallen in love with the old girl all over again!! Thanks a lot for a great job will be spreading the word.”


“Hi all, Many thanks for a top day out , it’s nice to go somewhere with such a laid back atmosphere and nice approach to work, watching Imran work was a pleasure and he has given me exactly what i was after, my BMW V8 now has a lovely burble at idle while not noisy on the motorway, and everyone who has heard it has said it sounds “epic” !! . Needless to say i love it, the car drives better and feels more crisp, i have’nt turned the stereo on all week it sounds soooo good,  so i can’t recommend Torqueflow highly enough, forget the rest…. Cheers guys. p.s. i’ll try and sort out a video soon!”

John Waite (BMW 540iA V8)

“Hi All, just a short note to say a huge thank you for the work carried out on my E34 540i.  A really enjoyable afternoon with you, watching Imran work and trying to help (and not getting in the way i hope) details were explained and the time taken to explain and make sure i was a part of the exhaust building process so i got the result i was looking for, and i did.  The exhaust note is spot on, not too loud, not too quiet and a fantastic V8 rasp when giving the beans! I wanted to send you a thank you as well as now my 2 kiddies think my car is not an old mans car but a burbling monster!  I am once again on their cool person list!!!!! Anyway, thanks a million, looking forward to the vid on YouTube and as promised i will try and push as much business you way as i can. Top, people, top work = happy John! p.s. thanks for the lunch too, next time its on me…”

Neil Mukerji (BMW Car Magazine)

“Hi Guys, just a quick note to extend my thanks to all of you at Torqueflow who have put so much time, effort and skill into creating the fantastic new exhaust system on my E30 M3. The day spent watching Imran’s engineering abilities was a real education – I can’t fully express how much I admire his skill, and the result speaks volumes. The car idles better, performs better, sounds better – and the system is just a work of art to look at. So thanks again – you’ve all got just the right attitude to go far in this business, and you deserve to do so. Definitely a notch above the rest! Kind regards, and best wishes to all”

Ammaz Qureshi

“Salaam guys! I can’t tell you how awesome my drive home was. I felt as if I was in a proper race car. The car spools a lot lot better now and I really am finding it a lot more tempting to flooring it much more in the lower gears than before. It sounds like a monster and I couldn’t be happier with it. While idle, inside the car you hear just a little bit of the growl that you hear on the outside, and while revving you get to hear a fierce roar that I didn’t think my car would be capable of. The exhaust system is the best thing I have customised on the car yet, it gave my car the lungs it was missing. Bravissimo! Watching Imran work on the system, was like watching a beast come to life. Dr. Frankenstein ain’t got nothing on my brother, Imran. Irfan and Aamir you guys were great fun to hang around with, and thanks for the tastiest chicken in UK. I am well chuffed with your work guys, and I am going to sing your praises to all my friends and acquaintances. Super service, super products and now my super friends! All hail Torqueflow!! Now, you will have to excuse me, I got to turn some heads as I have some cruising to do. ;-) Ma’salaama!”

Faisal Naeem

“Salams, Imran & Irfan, hope you are all well, just writing this e-mail to say thankyou once again for looking after me and my car. I was reallly impressed with the job you’ve done and the quality of service i received and the quality of the exhaust system you put on my car. I was even more impressed with the way you cut my bumper you can’t even tell!!!!  The car drives so much better now the engine just rev’s and pulls along without any bottleneck, and the sound is amazing. I am very satisfied and in future will be bringing all of my car’s back to you to get more systems installed. Once again thankyou”

Frank (BMW E34 525i)

“Hi Irfan. Just wanna say a big thanks to you guys for my AWESOME new cat back system!! Imran workmanship is truly amazing!!! I had a big smile on my face all the way home, my exhaust now sounds and looks the nuts!!!! BIG UP the Torqueflow crew!!!”


“Hey Imran, just to say thanks for my exhaust its lookin sexy ! Mentioned torqueflow to all my mates and will be the first place they come!!! Cheers pal”


“The only one in Redditch!!!! Imy bro its me Assad bro my car is nearly ready… after the engine head gasket went.. 24hours after my new fitting lol now thats a curse!! so i’ll be coming bk.. to finish of my system!!! the bk box is a real head turner. The only one of its kind in Redditch. Yes sumtin to be proud off!! Every where i go every body askin where u get ur exhaust from. And when they look at it, i rev it up and give em GUNSHOTS!!!!! They readin the sticker!! They know da name!! TORQUE FLOW!!! Respect”

Jayne and Matthew Harris (Ford ST 220)

“Dear Torqueflow. Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my exhaust, it sounds brilliant and has more power and torque.  Please accept my greatest thanks for your friendly and kind manner. Kind Regards”